Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeding boys...

So we took all the children out to eat tonight at a favorite local restaurant. The three boys ages nine and eleven are a little insulted by being limited to the children's menu selections. So what the heck, we don't have them all to ourselves very often, so we said the sky's the limit.  They all three chose authentic Texas-sized chicken fried steaks off of the adult menu.  Then there seemed to be a little male competition to see who could put away the largest volume.

We successfully dissuaded Chandler from ordering both mashed potatoes and french fries, so he relented and chose green beans to go along with his french fries and Texas toast.  Here he is lookin' big and me and my camera stepped between him and his plate or somethin'.  He did finish the entire steak, and in record time.  He left a fair amount of the sides on the plate however.

Diego dove in straight away, and surprised us with the amount he managed to put away.  His legs may be the shortest but they must be, as the saying goes, hollow.  He finished at least three-fourths of his steak.

Bobby made a strategic error in saving the best for last (his words).  He ate every bit of his sides before even tucking into the steak.  Once he had filled up thusly, he only managed to put away about a quarter of the steak.

A good time was had by all.  At least until the meal was almost over, and the girls needed to visit the ladies' room.  We were in the restroom before I realized that Chloe had kicked off her shoes and left them at the table.  So there she a public  Y. U. C. K.  After that all I could think about was getting them home and bathed. 

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