Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday's snail mail...

The snail mail skill is one that is best developed early.  (And we are deep into our week, and the natives are getting restless...not to mention that I am outnumbered!) So today we printed off some post cards from a template found here.  And we got out the stamps and stickers and crayons to make them beautiful.  On the back we wrote thank you notes and love notes.

And we put them out for the postman to whisk away and work his magic. 

Accountability stats: 6 weeks / 12 letters


  1. Personally I miss snail mail letters. It is fast becoming a lost art for so many reasons.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. I love getting letters and things in the mail! I even always used to send Postcards when I travelled... didn't on this trip... How close to you did we get... we spent a night in Galveston (never spend a Saturday night in May in Galveston!) Then bypassed Houston and San Antonio and spent half a day in El Paso... nights other than Galveston were small towns....

  3. I miss them too, Nicole. Checking the mailbox used to be my favorite part of the day. Now it's just filled with junk usually.

    Lynne, you went right by us! Actually, we are pretty near San Antonio. Hotter 'n heck, huh?

  4. Actually it was driving into Atlanta that I wished I was anywhere but in our un-airconditioned truck!

    We bypassed San Antonio on highway 46 to the NE.

    Today is the first sunny day in over a week here... but we never get the heat you do... although if it's hot here it's humid since we're on the ocean which never gets above 56 even in August!


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