Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Technology angst...

I spent last Saturday at a college baseball game watching a nephew play. Another aunt and uncle drove over from Houston to cheer him on too. My sis-in-law occasionally texted our player's dad who lives out of state and was (with difficulty) watching the game online.

That sparked a conversation about technology, which she has embraced, and I begrudgingly participate in.

Facebook...pppbbblllltttt. Nuff said.

Cell phones...great in an emergency. Boy have they come in handy when I've had a radiator hose break and a transmission go the dark...far from home. And it was invaluable when I had my car accident, as first responders were able to reach my family while I was still unconscious. While I do use it infrequently for recreational conversing, for the most part, I still keep it solely for emergencies (I am, after all, driving lonely roads every time I leave home).

What drives me a little nuts is getting texts. I find that people with fancy phones like to text. Oh, sure. With a QWERTY keyboard, it's a snap. But I keep my phones for as long as they will last, so I'm still on a crummy numeric keypad. So I do not initiate texts. I will, out of good manners, answer any text I get...when I notice that one has arrived...which can be days after the fact.

It is a HUGE chore! When I get my answer typed and sent, I instantly get another one back from them...which I then spend ten minutes answering...sent...BING...another text. Aaaccckkk!

And I have one friend who loves to text with photos. My phone is actually a dinosaur with no camera, and the screen is about the size of a postage stamp. She can't understand why I can't zoom in to see the photo better. It's very frustrating...because I WANT to see the photos she sends. It leaves me feeling completely frustrated and unsatisfied.

But not enough to get a new phone. So kindly do me a favor.

Don't text me!


  1. Mwahahaha! Note to self, text Mom from my new QWERTY keyboarded phone. :) Just kidding. I've always ignored texts too until I got this phone a couple of weeks ago where I can actually type. Of course I still prefer to call.

  2. huh?
    what's a text?
    what's a cell?
    what's a face book?

    me, neither. none.
    I don't even answer my landline, to the ever-lasting irritation of friends and family.

    no phone.
    no tweets.
    no fb page.
    bah. just bloggety blog.

  3. I actually love texting - I keep in touch with both my girls (teenagers) and it is a big security for me. I have a numeric pad too and although I can type very well on the computer, it is bloody hard to do it with long fingernails on that itsy-bitsy QWERTY pad.
    How much does a text message cost to send in the US? We only have a few carriers eg. Telstra, Optus & 3. Telstra to Telstra is 25cents or Telstra Pre-paid to Telstra Pre-paid is only..... .01 cent! No wonder my kids are always on their phones - 100 texts for $1.00 !

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Anonymous...
    How do you lose the 'Good Child' title,
    Let me count the ways.
    You threaten to text your dear old mom! LOL

  5. K.I.S.S. -- Keep It Simple, Steph! :) The way to peace.

  6. Joolz, I thought I had a plan with a certain number of free texts, but apparently not. After going through the bill this month, I see I am paying 20 cents per text...30 if it's multimedia (photo). Luckily I don't get or send many.

  7. I, too, am a bit in the dark ages. I have to use technology in my work and actually have an I Phone, which is really too much phone for me. My nephew asked me to see what music I have on it...exactly None! It's a PHONE, not a music player, silly rabbit! C

  8. I don't have a clue how to text...and both my husband and kids have tried to teach me...just not my think :S

  9. husband just got through telling me that a coworker got off the helicoptor and swung a bag over his shoulder...knocking his brand-new Iphone off of his belt. It bounced once on the helipad, and then straight over the side. Pssssssssssssss....splash. Don't you know that was a painful thing to see.

  10. are missing nothing but frustration! :)

  11. I thought that magazine said PREGNANCY!!!!!! I was going to say, wow is that an announcement?? LOL

  12. ironic then that the title is PREVENTION instead of pregnancy. :)


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