Saturday, March 13, 2010

A change of seasons...

I met a woman today. A woman who dressed in the colors of spring, and carefully applied makeup and pearls. A woman of beauty and grace. A woman who was having her portrait made.

She was engaging as she chatted about the books she has read, and the friends she has made. About the life she has created. About the many places she has lived, and the many more places she has visited.

She is preparing for a new journey, and as she does, she takes the time to mark her place in this world one more time. Something for her family to remember her by when she has gone on ahead.

And on that day in the not too distant future, she will be shedding the things of this world that are keeping her tethered here. The oxygen tubing, the pains, the worries and cares. And she will become lighter than the shaft of a sunbeam, and she will rise up at the call of the great I Am. And her story of this life will be fulfilled. And she will start another chapter.

Safe journey, Barbara.


  1. What a beautifully written post, Kath - just lovely. Do like your new book page as well - shall revisit it often to see how you're getting on with your reading list.

  2. this is so beautiful!

  3. Caroline and Rachel, thank you so much.

  4. What beautifully written words to express an experience which to some may have just been another "photo shoot" Your insight and expression concerning Barbara touched me tenderly. I so loved the honor of being able to capture Barbara with her loved ones in a way that is so meaningful to her. I am blessed to have a friend such as you, Kathleen, who so willingly went with me to capture this truly blessed memory.

  5. Oh how lovely! Can I admit I'm crying?

  6. Drew, thank you for letting me share the blessings of the day.

    FT, thank you...I feel like I must have adequately described the amazing experience if it moved you so.

  7. I think if we all lived as you describe Barbara, and made decisions based on our lives being part of a longer spiritual journey of which we only experience a piece, our daily decisions would be quite different...and better.


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