Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Has someone turned up the knob on the gravity meter? I feel like I am walking through molasses. I am tired, and I ache all thumbs, my feet, my knees. I have to make some changes!

Notes From the Frugal Trenches is claiming April as Plan Sparkle month! Last year in April I jumped on her Ten Days Toward Health train, and felt better for it. So I'll be focusing on health this month along with her and others again.

My plan is simple: more sleep and less processed sugar. There will be other changes, but they will evolve from these two basic goals. Sonic Cokes? Out! Luckily I like their unsweetened tea. :)


  1. The kind of change I need is one I cannot abide! I need to give up caffeine. Everything good thing has caffeine in it!
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    (Thanks for the email:)

  2. WOO HOO!!!

    How is it going?

  3. Hey, I feel like I'm walking through molasses too! Am I just tired and weary or sick I ask myself! I'm trying to give up sugar too! - I like to mix Crystal Light lemonade half and half with iced tea!


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