Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What I'm reading Wednesday...

The Violets of March: A Novel by Sarah Jio

Just finished this morning.  Meh.  It kept me reading, but it was much 'fluffier' than I usually read.  A recently divorced woman escapes to visit her great aunt on a favorite childhood-summer island.  While there she finds a diary from 1943 and begins reading.  I didn't like that the author resorted to having present-day characters go by different names in 1943 in order to keep the reader guessing.  There were a lot of characters, and many of those were too similarly named (Esther, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, Evan)...add in the aforementioned name changes...confusing.  Also there were so many coincidences which I always find either lazy or unskilled of the writer.  Aside from the writing, the formatting made it difficult at times to recognize the switch from present day to diary entry making for some confusion and re-reading.

Little Wolves: A Novel by Thomas Maltman

This is next up on my agenda.  Not at all sure how I will get on with it.  I chose this one to fulfill the 'based on mythology' category of my 2017 Reading Challenge.

Both of this week's books were checked out from my library as ebooks.  I've been searching out books that fit the challenge reading prompts, and I am always checking the library website first to see if they are available as either ebooks or hard copies.  I have resorted to buying several used books (hard copies) on Amazon (mostly with a price of 1¢ + $3.99 shipping) when what I'm looking for isn't available through my library and the used price is less expensive than the Kindle price for the same book.


  1. I clicked over to your link and I like that reading challenge - not sure I've got the time to add one more thing but I'll think about it.

    1. It seems to me that I've grown so slow to pick up books the last year or so. The challenge is an attempt to kick start my reading. So far I've read six books this month. Not sure I will keep up that pace, or that I will be able to complete the entire challenge, but it has been kind of fun choosing books that fulfill the categories. :)


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