Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rudolph Day - January 25...

My plan for Rudolph Day this month is to go through the house and make sure that all decorations are packed and put away neatly and organized for next year.  I'll edit in a photo after I'm done, which may not be today as I kind of have a lot on my plate today.

I loved incorporating Rudolph Day into my monthly calendar each month last year, and look forward to doing so again this year.  I have to admit that I still didn't have a perfectly organized Christmas...what with the car accident in mid November...I was in a bit of a Scrooge-y mood and didn't feel like a full-blown Christmas.

Last year I didn't initiate Rudolph Day until June.  This year I am starting in January and hoping that I make even better progress than in 2016.  Following is my recap list of what did get done, and what didn't...and what better headings than naughty and nice?  :)


  • The Christmas tree had minimal decorations. (Rudy was interested in the tree, and I was a little afraid of him pulling off ornaments and eating the hooks...okay...and I was lazy.  Bah-humbug!)
  • I did not hang the snowflakes in the window.
  • I didn't decorate the mantel.
  • I didn't wrap gifts till right before gifting.  (Again blaming Rudy, since I couldn't put anything under tree; but truthfully, I put this off every year.)

  • Thanks to September's Rudolph Day last year, I had a good start on our annual letter written and stored in a Word document.  All it needed were final edits and printing.  I didn't mail them until after Christmas, since the cards were more of New Year cards.
  • I had holiday stamps ready to mail the letters.
  • I wrote a personal note at the bottom of each letter.
  • It was a very frugal Christmas, since I had purchased Amazon gift cards with credit card reward points early (good thing since I was without a car to do shopping!) and had enough to gift to each adult and teen.
  • I did erect my book Christmas tree on the dining room table again this year.
  • I got out my antique sled and set it up with some small pine trees atop it.
  • I made a couple of Christmas gifts from supplies on hand.


  1. Happy Rudolph Day! Nothing like a major event in the late fall to throw a wrench into Christmas - your accident, our cross country move. Here's to being better organized for 2017!


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