Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The best medical advice...

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My doctor of nine years took a leave of absence a couple of years ago.  I remember, because I had several appointments to get treatment and follow up for my case of shingles in the weeks before she left.  Oh, I have missed her so much!  Her replacement is very nice, but the office, which was handy to get to when we lived on the ranch, is really pretty inconvenient now that we have moved; even worse is making the long drive when you don't feel good.

Monday I found out that my 'old' doctor (ha!  she's barely older than my daughter) is starting a new practice much closer and convenient for me.  Happy, happy, happy!.  She's smart, and skilled, and pays attention to details.  She is the first to have suspected one of my chronic issues, and thankfully she hounded me to get further testing and follow up with specialists when I kept putting it off.  I am ecstatic at the prospect of being under her care again.

I had an appointment this morning to get records and insurance in place and catch up, and also to move my prescriptions to a more convenient pharmacy.  Eventually going to the doctor and getting prescriptions filled won't be like taking a tour of central Texas.

She told me to cut out soda and get more exercise.  So when I got home I grabbed a cup of unsweet tea and took the girlies home to spend some time in their pool.
I was in for hours.

It was exhausting!  :)



  1. Get more exercise...don't we all need that. I hate to exercise, debating on buying a treadmill that I can set up in front of the TV but hate to spend the money. Will have to think about that one some more.

    1. I dread the mention of the word treadmill…simply because I have one, and the most innocent mention will ruin my husband’s good mood. He hates that $ was spent on it (ten yrs ago), he hates that he has moved it too many times, he hates that it remains unused! LOL


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