Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday snail mail...

I made a couple of cards this weekend.  This one was for Caitlyn to send to her great grandmother for her birthday.  Normally, I have the girls make their own cards to send, but we were kind of in a time crunch, and 'writing a letter to ma' was something she specifically asked to do while she was here overnight. 

I wish I could share the letter she wrote inside.  Both of the girls write really lovely, long, newsy notes.  I am really, really happy to have been able to share with them how to write a nice letter to someone.  I had a good partner in that effort, because their great-grandmother is kind enough to answer each letter that she receives from them, which they greatly look forward to.  So they have learned how much the letters they write are appreciated, and they have learned how nice it is to receive one as well.

Recently I found this cursive workbook and purchased one for each of the girls.  In an effort to entice them, I told them that writing in cursive is something that few people would be able to do in the future, so those who could would have a special talent that not everyone would share.  My son reinforced the message  when he walked by later, and noticing Chloe working over her practice book, told her that he did not know how to write in cursive.  I had no idea!  Apparently he learned how in one year of school, but after passing the course it was never required in future grades, so he has never used it again. 

Both of the girls enjoyed spending time with the workbooks.  I hope that they can write their letters to their great-grandmother in cursive one day soon.  

The second card I made was also for my mother-in-law's birthday.  There's no photo of that one, however, as I was madly rushing this afternoon to get it made, written, and to the mailbox before pick-up time, so I forgot to take a photo of it.  I did get a letter written inside of it, though.  In cursive.  :)

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