Thursday, March 3, 2016

I concede...

 I've been late to the party of welcoming Spring.  Winter was so mild here this year, that I kept hoping that we would get just one more really cold snap.  It never really got cold enough to kill off pests, so it will probably be a banner insect if we don't normally have more than enough.

But today I gave in.  I opened the windows.  I enjoyed the breezes that freshened the house and set the curtains dancing.

I fully expect to see a bluebonnet any day now.


  1. I am NOT ready for summer heat!!! Can't believe we already had 90-degree weather in February this year. UGH...I'm NOT embracing this weather yet.... ;-)

    1. I know. I always start dreading summer on December 21, when I know from there on out the days are just going to get longer. LOL The one area of my life where I am truly a glass-half-empty kind of girl.


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