Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shingle bells, shingle bells...

So the shingles outbreak on my foot is keeping me pretty much immobilized, but other than that I'm not feeling too bad.  However, I think I will have to get busy doing my Christmas shopping online this year.  So far all I have accomplished is signing up for Amazon Prime for the free two-day shipping (but the free unlimited streaming of movies/tv shows and borrowing 1 Kindle book a month is nice too).  

Good thing I put a Christmas twist on a couple of decorations at work last week, since I won't be back for awhile.  I showed you my Recycled Rudolph before, and here he is in his holiday finery.

And at the suggestion of my co-worker, I turned our spooky Halloween Mice into Christmas Mice.  I guess they have been recycled now too.  :)


  1. Oh Kath, you poor thing. Shingles can be ouch! Love your reindeer and mice

  2. Ouch love your shingle shoes though... what size are your feet?


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