Sunday, December 1, 2013

A picnic it ain't...

Doesn't this photo I took on a Sunday drive today look drab and dreary?  This is the extent of our Autumn colors...brown...blah.  Matches my mood.  I haven't been feeling great...not super awful or anything...just... 

The sole of my left foot has been hurting.  I was afraid maybe I was getting a cyst or something.  I had Carey look at it Thursday, and he couldn't see anything.  I had him look at it today, and he said it is a circle of raised bumps.  Uh-oh.  Google search images.  Hmmm.  It does look somewhat like early shingles rash.

Camping out on doctor's doorstep bright and early tomorrow morning.


  1. Our outdoor scenery was much the same here until last week when it rained and it was supposed to be spring here. Never mind, nice and green now. Hope it is nothing too seriously wrong with your foot.

  2. Oh no! If it is not shingles, get your shingles shot anyway! Most insurance companies will pay for it if you are 50 or more. It used to be 60, but they dropped it down. Our insurance only required a $25 copay.

    Hope it is nothing serious.

  3. Fingers crossed that you haven't got shingles, Kathleen - do hope you're feeling better now.

  4. Sure hope the doctor can help...whatever it is. Praying for you my friend. Love ya! <3

  5. Thanks, everybody, for the well wishes. It's definitely shingles.


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