Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love letters in the sand...

At the beginning of this week, a co-worker asked what I did last weekend. I told her we went to the beach. "What?! Why would you go to the beach in the winter?!"

My favorite time to go the the beach, say I. You don't get hot and sweaty, and there are no crowds.

Plenty of room to wander around and play.

Like this... e-mail to my husband at work.

I wrote lots of messages, which I will use to make note cards eventually.

You have to try to time the waves. If you write too close to the water line, a wave will wash it away before you get a photo. But if you write too far from the water line, you may have to wait forever for a wave (which makes for better photos in my opinion) to reach it. That's why I got the sunburn...I did a lot of waiting.

When I got to this phrase...which I thought was very cute...old Neptune really started messing with me.

Oooohhh. So close. But no cigar.

Then ooohhh so far away again.

So far that man and beast...who mostly realized what I was doing and stayed out of my way...started wandering between me and my waves.

The woman and the gull are walking in perfect step in this one. :)

I saw this guy coming about a quarter mile away, and I knew it. I just KNEW he was going to ride right through my shot and leave tire tracks.

...and he did.

And for a minute, I actually did feel a little beachy about it. But a minute is about all it took for me to see the humor in it, and now they are possibly my favorite frames of the day.

More fun than a barrel of mongeese.

The end.


  1. What a great day at the beach!!!


  2. I'm loving my name which you sent me!

    I thought the one here said

    feelin' broody!!!!!!


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