Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy Birthday to my baby girl...

Today is Kasey's birthday.  It's one of those monumental ones.  One of those that may make the birthday girl feel old, but it makes her mother feel ancient!

I delivered a quilt (along with a favorite pie) for her birthday.  It's one Carey's mother pieced in the '90s. She actually made two tops...this one is a throw size that she never had quilted...the other is a full size that she had quilted and used on her bed for many years.  They are both in the same fabrics and pattern.  Carey's mom cut and pieced each hexagon by hand.  I believe she bought the pink background fabric, but the prints were from a friend's scrap stash.  Did I mention that Carey's mother had never quilted, or even sewn much before?   Did I mention that she has never quilted or sewn since?  :)

When she was moving out of her house and downsizing, she gave me this unquilted throw-sized top.  I had it machine quilted last year.  I decided that it would make a special gift for this special birthday, so I took it to the quilt retreat in February to work on the binding, and finished all but the hand sewing.

I was up all night last night putting a label on it and finishing the binding by hand...because that's just the kind of procrastinator that I am.  Now I get to mark another quilt off my goal list for the year.  Woohoo!


  1. What a very special gift for your daughter! I'm sure she will treasure it, knowing both her Mom and her grandmother made it with loving hands. ♥

    1. That was my hope. The first quilt I made her has at least a few hand-quilting stitches of both of her grandmothers. I didn’t label that one, but maybe I should add one.

  2. What a special gift...Happy Birthday to Kasey!!


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