Monday, February 8, 2016

Making it Monday...

Boy, again, I did NOT want to cook today.  Carey made the trip to see his mom, I stayed home.  And did absolutely nothing.  I am SO fatigued lately...walking through molasses.  

I knew he would be home in time for dinner.  I had some ground beef in the fridge, but I couldn't think of a thing to prepare with it.  I really wanted to order pizza and have it delivered, but my frugal goals won the day.

I knew I had flour and yeast, so I figured I could cobble something pizza-like together as long as I had some sauce in the cupboard.  I did, but boy is the pantry getting bare.  Definitely need to go to the market...soon.

I made the crust using a recipe found on Pinterest.  Other than the sauce, I only had cheddar, Parmesan, green and black olives, half an onion, and the ground beef.

It turned out pretty good.  And pretty darn frugal.  Worth overcoming my malaise.

I'm going to the doctor to have prescriptions renewed tomorrow.  I will definitely bring up the fatigue.  Carey suggested I might need Geritol (do they still make that?), then I reminded him that I have to have blood removed due to high iron levels, so I don't think Geritol is a good idea.  :)


  1. That pizza looks pretty yummy to me! Much better than ordered out pizza.

    Praying the doctor can help with your fatigue. It's awful feeling like that!

    <3 ya!


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