Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cutting back and running wild...

Caloric frugality and monetary frugality are a lot alike.  When you have been practicing unhealthy habits, trying to reign them in can be challenging.  At first you go along feeling good...feeling strong...and then something comes along to play on your weakness.  You fall flat on your tuchus, and it's hard to get back on your feet. 

As far as my spending diet goes, that stumbling block came a few days ago in the form of my car not running, we were low on groceries in the house and balancing different work schedules.  We resorted to bringing in prepared food.  That snowballed into many meals out...and maybe a minor avalanche of online purchases slipped past my defenses.

Today I grabbed my menu plan and grocery list.  I climbed back on the wagon, and filled it with groceries for the next couple of weeks.  Having the grocery budget back under control, will help the rest of the budget categories fall back into line too.  I hope.

I apologize if my frugality posts are less than scintillating reading.  I write them to keep myself accountable and my eyes on the goal.


  1. I love Frugal Friday - great motivation! We have had those circumstances - didn't feel like cooking so we picked up something to-go, didn't feel like it the next night and the next, etc. Such a terrible habit but often such a yummy one and hard to break! I have been really good while Vic is gone - Whole 30 all the way, prepping meals on the weekends to take me through the week. Must.stay.motivated!

  2. Congrats on the Whole 30 success! When Carey is away, I like to prep salad-in-a-jar for the whole week. I love salads, but I hate making them, so if I can do the whole week at once I’m happy. And they look so pretty in the fridge!


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