Monday, June 15, 2015

Making it Monday...

Got some cards in the mail.  I made several of the very simple one above...the design of which I blatantly copied from one seen on Pinterest.

This one was also inspired by Pinterest.   I needed a sympathy card, and I always have trouble coming up with ideas for those.

I also made a little Patriotic windsock for the summer.  

And I received some cards in the mail recently too.  A beautiful vintage-chic card made by Dawn.  And another lovely card from Claire.

And I also received these cards recently: 
I designed and ordered them from Vistaprint.  Recognize the photo?  I was really happy when I discovered you could use your own photo for the background.  Do I need business cards?  Probably not.  But when you go to give someone your phone number, I think it looks nicer to pull a pretty card out of your purse than a scrap of napkin to scribble it on, and these are very distinctive.

I left the glare in the photo so you could tell that it is on glossy cardstock, and it's a nice weight of cardstock too.  I've edited out a lot of the identifiable info, but the white printing shows up quite well on the darker photo.  If any of you get a note in the mail from me, there will probably be one of these babies enclosed.  :)


  1. You are very clever! Which reminds me - I owe you a snail mail, I reckon! :)

  2. Something to look forward to, Joolz. You've been kind of busy with traveling and knitting and such. :)

  3. Oh, such fun ideas. Love the business card idea. I often run into people in craft stores etc. that ask for my blog address. This would be a good idea for that too!

    1. Absolutely, Mildred! I plan on printing my blog address on some address labels and adhering to the back of a few for that purpose. I considered having it printed on front, but thought there might be times I didn't want it on there.


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