Sunday, June 28, 2015

Brown paper packages...

Two confessions: 

1) I am absolutely awful about letting the mail stack up without opening it.

2) I am absolutely awful about ordering books and fabric, which arrive in the mail in manila envelopes.

So Carey is used to setting aside the shipping envelopes for me till I get around to opening them.  When I noticed this week's stack today, I had a real treat.

A surprise package of goodies from Lynne!  Which she packaged in a sweet gift bag embossed with a darling turtle...and she didn't even know I have a turtle collection.

She remembered my weakness for jacks, and what a hard time I had finding metal ones!

And this adorable little kitty which is a bead soon to adorn my neck.  Lynne is an amazing artist and one of her arts is her lampwork beads.  How she imbues personality into these little guys amazes me...oh, those eyes and the whiskers!

And the package also included a handwritten note.  I love receiving handwritten notes.  :)

Thank you, Lynne!  I'm sorry if you were worried when you didn't hear from me sooner that the package had arrived.  You are a sweet and generous soul!


  1. Thanks... I'll pass on to my husband that someone thinks I'm sweet and generous... and I'm glad that you open anonymous brown envelopes once a week not once a month! Would love to see how you string the cat nothing bigger than 1.5 mm will fit the hole (2 mm cord should but mine didn't!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I deleted the second version of my comment because I didn't think you needed to read my drivel twice!

    1. LOL Warning...husband will probably say, 'oh sure, with everyone but me.' At least mine would. Mine is still waiting for the pie I promised to bake for him on Father's Day. Or rather I promised on Father's Day that I would bake one this week...he was away from home on F.D. Tomorrow... :)

  4. Gorgeous kitty! Lynne has some amazing jewelry on her site.


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