Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break visit 2...

I phoned Kasey as I was leaving work on Monday, and asked if Chloe wanted to spend the night.  "Her bag is already packed," was the answer.  :)  So I picked her up on my way home.

She had barely been in my possession for ten minutes when we were on our way to get dinner, and she pulled a loose tooth while we were in the car.  I think she did it just to freak me out!  Which it did!  Never been a fan of tooth own or others'.

 Quick trip back to her house to rinse her mouth out and pick up her tooth fairy pillow.

While we were there, we invited the rest of the family to join us for dinner out at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.  We feasted on Tex-Mex, and Chloe became enamored of telenovelas on the restaurant's TV while her father and brother made up new dialog to accompany the action.  

The remainder of the evening was spent watching yet more telenovelas at home, coloring, and reading, and eating ice cream.  Normal grandma's-house activities...except for the telenovelas...that's a new one.  :)

 This morning she was very excited to find that the tooth fairy had left a $5 bill!  I texted this photo to her mother, who texted back that the tooth fairy at grandma's house set the bar too high.  I re-texted that the tooth fairy at grandma's house only had a $5 bill and a $10 bill, so I think she made the prudent choice.

Then we breakfasted on homemade Belgian waffles with whipped cream...which earned grandma a kiss.  :)

Her daddy came to pick her up earlier than we would have liked, but it gave me a chance to rest up.  A good thing as I have to work again tomorrow. 



  1. I bet she'll now want to lose ALL her teeth at GRANDMA'S house... haha! Looks like you're having fun!!

  2. Yikes! That thought never crossed my mind. She would definitely learn that it would be the luck of the draw…next time I might be lucky to dig up a couple of foreign coins. :)

  3. The $5 vs. $10 comment made me laugh and I have to agree with Linda H - she'll be holding that final tug on any other teeth until she's at your house! The waffle looks amazing - must get a waffle iron.

  4. the tooth fairy pillow. Wish my tooth fairy had been so "generous". If I ever lose any more teeth, I'll be sure to stay at your house that night. ;-)

    The tele-novela thing really cracks me up. Gotta love kids!

  5. Sure, LB, if you ever lose another tooth come on over! We will watch telenovelas and munch on popcorn. Well, maybe I’ll munch on popcorn. You can have some pureed spinach or something.

  6. Uh...SURELY we could come up with something better than pureed spinach! LOL! Maybe some warm tapioca pudding (comfort food)...

    We REALLY do need to get together one of these days. It's been FAR too long!


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