Monday, November 14, 2011

Making this Monday...

Recently Caitlyn mentioned that a tooth had been hurting after her mouth had gotten bumped.  Truth be told, she has mentioned her teeth several times lately.  I think that her friends at school have started losing teeth, and she is anticipating her own first lost tooth.

Just a few days later, I came across Lisa Seibert's tooth fairy pillow in her Etsy shop that was so different from any I had seen before.  I loved its simplicity and muted colors.  I loved that it could be personalized and that dates could be written on its chart to track the progress of lost baby teeth.

I happened to have fabric that was perfect for this project.  I went online and found a baby-teeth chart and edited it to add the name at the top and 'I lost another tooth' in the middle.  I printed it out right on the fabric (LOVE being able to run fabric through the printer!) and assembled the small pillow (about 6 inches square).  I added a few white buttons to my version and rows of little running stitches on the pocket on the back side where the tooth, and then the tooth fairy's reward is kept safe.  I finished it up today by stuffing and stitching it closed.

I made two of course...couldn't make one for Caitlyn without making another for Chloe.  So we are ready for the next big step.

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  1. You can print on fabric? How did I not know this? Am off to Google it now!


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