Saturday, March 21, 2015

The bug is back...

image credit: Bing images...with a few artistic edits by me

This time it has struck Mr. Invincible...he who does not get sick.  Poor baby.  He has been away for over a week, and arrived home last night feeling like he was coming down with something.

I'm not a very good nurse, but I am trying to be kind.  

I force fed him Advil for his headache and Oscillococcinum to "reduce the duration and severity of flu symptoms."  

I'm pushing him to drink fluids.

I served him soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for supper.  

And I've banished him to bed.  

Because I think he needs the rest?  Well, um, sort of.  Because I don't want the constant exposure in case it's a different strain than I had recently?  Well, yes, partly.

But mostly because I can't look at him wearing those flannel pajamas, terry robe, and slippers, all topped off by his knit Texas Rangers stocking cap with the gigantic pom pom on top without laughing my head off!


  1. Awww, hope he feels better real soon... No fun being sick...

  2. Oh, the poor man! I'm lucky to have a man who rarely gets sick and hates having days off work. He had a wisdom tooth pulled once and came back to work afterwards - until I told him to get his backside home for the day!

  3. I commend you !
    You are so much kinder than I could ever be, but I'd laugh, too ;)

  4. LOL, I'd be laughing at that get-up too. The crud is back in our house too so we're limiting our exposure to those outside.

  5. Pamela...Oh, NO! I’m so sorry to hear it’s back at your house too. I am hoping against hope that I don’t succumb this go round.

  6. Oh, Sharron, you wouldn't think that if you could have seen me rolling my eyes at him today! :)

  7. Oh am sorry he is sick but the image just leaves me laughing out loud. I AM a nurse and hate it when John gets sick. Even with a cold he drags around and whines like he is dying. I took care of little kids for years and they don't whine they are too busy playing......I take good care of him and then go off to my craft room so I can't hear him.....

  8. Oh, CatieAn, I was laughing out loud too...a LOT! :) He got over it really quickly. I am still fighting it.


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