Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break visit 3...

Not last Christmas, but the one before that...or possibly the one before that even...I found a kit for Ninjabread (gingerbread) cookies.  It came with the cookie mix, the icing mix, the cookie cutters, and the candy decorations.  I had bought it as a gag gift for my son who was taking mixed martial arts at the time.  It has languished in my pantry ever since.

About six months ago, Diego saw the box sitting in my kitchen along with some other things that I was planning on getting rid of.  He begged to have it.  I told him that next time he came to stay over we would bake and decorate the cookies, so I put the kit back into the pantry.  Then we were without a kitchen for awhile, so they have stayed tucked away.

Yesterday, after work, I picked up Diego on my way home.  He was ready to get baking, but I had not slept well the previous night and was exhausted, so I talked him into waiting till today to do the baking.

This afternoon we mixed them up; he rolled out the dough; and then he cut them into their ninja fighter selves, and into the oven they went.

Once they were cooled and ready to decorate, he said he didn't feel good.  No, he hadn't eaten any of the cookie dough, so that wasn't it.  He was starting a new prescription today, so I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't agreeing with him.

I ended up decorating them alone.  I felt terrible, because he had been waiting for so long to do it.  We could use the cookie cutters another time I suppose, but really the odds aren't great.

These little fighting guys crack me up.  It was fun facing them off for the photographs.  :)

These two little round ones were the left over dough, so they got a less 'ninja' decorative treatment, though I just realized I should have made them throwing stars.  :)

No photos of Diego since he was down for the count before I thought about getting the camera out.  When I took him home, I delivered the cookies as well.  I hope he felt well enough later to eat one.


  1. I just noticed you have Rural Writings at the bottom of your blog list - waiting and hoping Nikki will return to blogging? I miss her blog too.

    Joolz xx

  2. Hope Diego feels better soon. Love your ninjas!

  3. Yes, Joolz! On the off chance that she makes her blog public again, I didn’t want to lose the address. I check it occasionally. :)

  4. Thanks, Pamela. He's fine today. His mom thought it was probably the new med as well.

  5. These cookies are just too too cute!! Well done!!

  6. Those cookies are too cool...I know a little Ninja that would love those. Gonna have to search for some...

  7. LB, I put the cookie cutters and the box panels showing decorated cookies in a ziplock. They’re yours! Watch your mail. But you will have to find a recipe for cookie and icing. Somehow I don’t think that will be a problem for you. :)

  8. You are AWESOME my friend! Thanks so much!! <3 I know a little boy that is gonna be VERY happy sometime AFTER Easter! :-)


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