Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kitchen reload...

No blogging for a whole week.  Also no reading, no sewing, not much of anything.

Except putting the kitchen back together.  Slow going.  The shelves are mostly covered with shelf liner now.  I'm trying to put a lot of thought into reloading kitchen gear to maximize storage and user friendliness.

I did do one thing last night that tickled me pink.  I was looking online for some dividers to organize baking pans which I want near the oven.  The lower storage in that area are all deep drawers; and I didn't want to pile the baking pans in one of those, where I would have to lift up the whole contents (with a lot of clanging and banging) to reach the one thing I wanted from the bottom.  So that leaves the upper cabinets.  But the shelf dividers that I was interested in were too large for an upper cabinet.

Then I had a brain storm.  I had purchased about four (packages of two) of the Inreda book ends from Ikea awhile back to use in my closet to keep stacks of tee shirts neat.  I ended up only using a couple of them.  So last night I retrieved the unused ones and slid them in place on an upper kitchen cabinet shelf.

Yea!  They work perfectly to support and separate (sounds like an old bra ad, doesn't it?) the baking pans.  And since they don't have to be permanently attached, I can easily move them to another spot if I want to rearrange.  Added bonus is they have a place for a label so now hubs will have no excuse for putting something in the wrong place.  Oh, he will still do it...he just won't have an excuse any longer.  :)  I'm thinking of labeling EVERY drawer and cabinet!

Sadly I couldn't find them on the Ikea website to link to.  Perhaps they have been discontinued?  Which just goes to show that my tendency to buy multiples of something when I find know, just in case I need a bunch...actually works in my favor occasionally.

I will have photos of the kitchen up eventually.  I'm waiting till we get the hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers.


  1. I was wondering where you were! Those baking pans can really be a pain to organize - glad you found something that works. Can't wait for the reveal.

  2. Thanks, Pamela. I think the reveal will be a slow progression of little reveals. With the rest of the work on us, and with Carey's work schedule what it is, everything will be done in increments.

  3. great idea. I love it when I get a brainstorm and have something left over from something else to use.


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