Saturday, January 3, 2015

Carpet stain removal action...

 Here's one of those things that I have been intending to do for months:  carpet stains.  As usual, I forgot to take a before photo till I was almost done.  So you'll just have to take my word that I started with the worst stain, and it looked great after treating.  When I thought about taking a pic, all I had left to photo was the least noticeable stain.



I've been checking out homemade carpet cleaner recipes for awhile now.  It seems like most of them suggest at least a little dish soap in the solution.  I've always heard that any kind of soap or detergent will clean the stain, but will leave residue that will actually attract more dirt over time, so it ends up looking worse.  Therefore, I nixed all the ones with soap/detergent.  

I ended up using one part white vinegar and two parts water.  I poured a little on the stain, rubbed it in with my fingertips.  Then I scrubbed it a bit with a white towel to absorb the excess liquid and dirt/stain.  I covered the area with a clean white rag, then with my iron on a medium setting I ironed over the area.  I continued rubbing with the clean white towel until as much liquid was absorbed as could be.

Yea, me!  The stains are off the carpet, off my to-do list, and off my conscience!  :)



  1. great idea
    we had brand new carpet after our house rebuild from our fire years back. The carpet was so pretty and I always cleaned up stains with warm water/vinegar. Some friends owned a carpet cleaning business and one year I was sick john asked them to do the carpets.
    We have regretted ever since. The carpet immediately started looking worn and more dirty than it had in five years.....ick

  2. Carpets are always a great decoration to one’s house. Sadly, it can be very challenging to clean. There are a lot of cleaning products in the market, but just like you’ve said, not all of them are helpful, and there are even some that contains chemicals that are not safe to one’s health. That’s why there are some who prefer to call a pro to clean their carpets, just to be sure it will be completely cleaned, without any chemical residue remaining. Anyway, it’s good to know that you found the best cleaner for your carpet. Now cleaning the carpets will never be a daunting experience for you.

    Nancy Graham @ ANew CC


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