Friday, January 9, 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge...

The other day I had a new visitor (Pamela) leave a nice comment.  I had to go check out her blog (and started following).  She is participating in a 31 Day Blog Challenge which I found appealing, so I decided to jump in and play without trying to catch up.

Day 9: Piercings or tattoos?
No tattoos.  Ears are pierced just the once.  The most interesting thing about them is that I had them pierced in Mexico when I was ten.  My mother and sister were having theirs done as well, but they made me go first, figuring that if I didn't go first I'd back out.  

The jewelry shop owner sat me down on a stool.  She rubbed my earlobes with alcohol for maybe 30 seconds or a minute.  Then she manually shoved a stud post right through my earlobe.  The first time was okay, I wasn't expecting it.  The second time I jumped, and it went in a little crooked, so it's always a little difficult to get an earring in to this day.  

The piercing was done.  I got up and began looking at jewelry in the display case.  My sister sat down for her turn.  And I keeled over in a faint.

Next thing I know the women in the shop were buzzing around, sitting me down, telling me to put my head between my knees, take a deep breath.  The shop owner's husband quite generously asked my mother if they should give me "a leetle tequila" to which my mother looks at him and says, "She's TEN!"  LOL  

We used to have some interesting trips to Mexico.  Sadly it's not exactly a safe day trip over the border any longer.  sigh 


  1. OH my goodness, I would have been afraid to have the second ear done after that! Thanks for the tag.

  2. That is quite a story. You must share more about your eccentric? complex? interesting? amazing family?!


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