Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday catch up...

Sweet little pitcher that sits on my kitchen window sill is the perfect receptacle for a teeny-tiny bouquet from a sweet little girlie.

We have placed the order for the cabinets...and so it begins.  The wait.  In the meantime, I will be plenty busy.  Our small chest freezer and the refrigerator's freezer are full to capacity, so the cooking-ahead chore is marked off the list.  Spending all that time in the kitchen reminded me that we once lived in a temporary rent house that had no stove.  Since we were going to be moving into a better location within a few months, we weren't about to purchase one.  I think we lived there from November to February or March cooking in an electric skillet and a toaster oven.  This was pre-microwave era.  Challenging!

This week I am working on costumes for the girls for Halloween.  Chloe, along with millions of other little girls, wants to be Elsa from Frozen.  Caitlyn wants to be Pocahontas.  They came over this evening while their mother took the big brothers to a school function, so I got a start on measuring, sketching, planning.  No patterns for me.  No siree.  

I completely forgot to take a photo of Sunday's dessert.  It was an applesauce and oatmeal cake...more like a quick bread with a glaze.  I wasn't too keen on it, but the kids seemed to like it.  Next Sunday is Diego's birthday, so something special is called for.


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