Friday, October 24, 2014

Google Doodles...

I've always really liked Google doodles.  I thought the ones during this year's World Cup were amazing and highly entertaining.  So when I logged on this morning and saw the birthday cake doodle above, I hovered my cursor over it to see who/what's birthday was the same as mine.  When the info bar appeared, it just said, 'Happy Birthday Kathleen.'  Fun!  And kinda creepy.

I am having a nice birthday.  I had lunch with both of my children.  Got a good-kitchen-news phone call.  I'm having fun making Halloween costumes.  I'm having a sleepover with the girlies tonight.   And a few days ago, I found some semi-official info that had me listed as two years younger than I really am...or that I THOUGHT I was.  LOL  I'm still enjoying that one.

This year my age matches my birth year.  Well, at least it did till they took two years off.  :)


  1. A belated Happy Birthday,I love the Google doodles too x

  2. I noticed that Google Doodle when it was my birthday. I did not see my name come up though. It is kinda of creepy. Happy Belated Birthday. (Mine was on the 16th)


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