Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday afternoon at home with the girls...

Kasey took the boys to the city to finish up back-to-school shopping, so the girls came over to spend the afternoon with me.  I asked if they wanted to try knitting, and they both did.  They were very patient while I cast on and knit a couple of rows for each of them to make the grip and stitching comfortable for them.

They both paid very close attention, and really did well at remembering the process of making a stitch.  Mastering the tension wrap and moving the stitches up and down the needles was challenging.  They stuck it out for a respectable length of time for a first lesson.  I didn't want them to get frustrated.

Watching them sit cross legged on the sofa with their faces deep in concentration made for a pleasurable afternoon for me.  

I'm just glad neither of them were lefties.  :)


  1. Great photos. Not sure why you would't love teaching lefties?!

  2. :) I added that especially for you, k2.

  3. I'm a lefty and when I did my crochet course last year the teacher got very frustrated with me!! Not sure if that was a reflection on her teaching skills or my hopeless crochet skills (at the time - I hope I've improved). Sweet pictures of the girls, Kathleen x

  4. I guarantee you, Caroline, that it was her lack of teaching skills. I only put that part in for my friend the other Kathleen, who once made the mistake of asking me to teach her to knit. Oi! I am NOT a good teacher!


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