Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm a little grouchy...

had ph ooto of Oscar uGroch, 
but changed my mind...and removed
it made it seem like g my 
I was calling husband and others names.
for explanation of unreadable text hre,e
read (or try to)

This may be a very short post.  My laptop's keyboard is going nuts...and taking me along for the ride.  The cursor hops around on its own volition.  That has been ongoing and I have grown accustomed to working around it.  Now, if I type faster than twenty words per minute, it really is just awful.

Completely separate from that, I have been pretty grumpy.

example 1...last night we went out ...

      >>>now the cursor is moving AND letters are jumping out of order...onto other lines...into the post title...time to call my computer guy<<<

example 1 (continued)...for dinner.  Husband starts off ordering a half-portion appetizer.  Waiter lets him know there is a special that is the same, but $2 cheaper.  Husband basically says no, thanks, just give me the same thing for $2 more please.  ????

example 2...I made a batch of homemade laundry detergent awhile back.  It does not make the laundry smell very clean.  

example 3...I went to Pinterest to look at other recipes for laundry detergent.  So many commenters say how nice it is to be able to make their own with no chemicals.  ???? Seriously?  Did these people take ANY science classes?

okay.  i can't take the typinsg frustration any longer.  i m going to ta ke a bath witha book.  if yoilu don't hear from me for awh ile, computer is in for repairs.


  1. Haha, its funny reading your post with so many errors when usually it is perfect. Makes you sound incoherant!

    I tried homemade liquid laundry detergent and went straight back to commercial. I didnt feel the wash was fresh and I wash in rain water!

    I do use a home made spray cleaner for surfaces and grimy collars and cuffs which is fantastic! Its in my side bar under things I made in 2013 Miracle Spray. I love it!

  2. I thought you were trying to be clever when I first started reading the post... my brand new keyboard has random letters that stick.. my first attempt at bead crochet is done the thread broke guess I went backwards too often in one spot... so I added a thread from the other end and wove it through and fixed all my mistakes.. I've found some purple size 8 beads trying to decide if I want to try again? Hope your computer starts behaving and I like Oscar!


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