Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Today is Tuesday, and I am...

...yearning for Autumn!  So far we are still having Summer with a capital 'S'!  I am thinking by three weeks we will have at least a slight cooling.  If I am wrong, I will be very sad.

Oh, and that photo is from a trip a few years ago.  :)  We don't get gorgeous color in the Fall.  Do you?


  1. Yes we do get pretty leaves in this area.. most of what I see however are evergreens.... THe Maine radio staton I listen too has a leafo meter reading.... that's right up there with obituaries on the air as far as radio content goes! & I think a million beads = 7 pairs of earrings is about right!

    Suppose to be sunny today and rain tomorrow but when we got up yesterday morning it was 39 degrees YUCK!

  2. we have beautiful fall colors here. We had rain the last five days and cooler days but it is supposed to be back in the high 80's by tuesday. I ampraying for another "indian summer".


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