Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  Don't you love a rainbow?  This was on my way home from work Thursday.  All I had was my cell phone camera, but I had to pull off and get a pic.

2.  Kasey and family have been staying here for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like the luckiest person around.  Kasey has a smoothie ready in the fridge for me when I leave for work, and she has supper ready when I get home.  And I get lots of hugs and kisses from the kidlets.

Carey came up to me the other night, and in a very serious way says, "I love having them here, and getting to see and talk with the kids every day."  I feel the same way.

It looks like the house they were trying to buy is not going to work out.  It was very disappointing, as it was really perfect, but the short-sell process with the bank that owns the mortgage of the current owner was really difficult.  Now it seems that they will go ahead with their building plans.  (That was Plan 'A' before they found the short sell, so they already have blueprints, a lot, etc.)  They are thinking about renting a house during the building process, since it is going to be longer than for buying an existing house.  I understand.  It would probably be more comfortable for them...but I really wish they would stay here.

3.  Driving home from work Wednesday evening, I came to a rural stop light with poor visibility on the right.  I had the green.  The car coming from the left was stopped for the red, and just as I began to enter the intersection a pickup truck traveling at full speed (55+ miles per hour) came from the right and ran their red light.  It really shook me up.  Too, TOO close for comfort.  

4.  I stayed in my jammies all day today.  :O

5.  It is SEPTEMBER!  Time to start working on planning the Christmas gift list.  If I am going to make any gifts this year, I need to get in gear!

6.  I really do feel better since starting to sleep with the CPAP.  But it gives me some crazy bed head in the mornings!

7.  I am in the mood to make waffles.  


  1. So glad you're enjoying having your family with you, sounds just perfect.

  2. I hope they decide to stay with you until they build. Houses go up pretty quick, and think of the money they could save!
    I am so lucky to live only 5 minutes from my eldest daughter and her 5 kids!
    I am looking forward to this Fall. Summer is my favorite season, but by this time every year, I welcome autumn! Winter--not so much!

  3. I am so happy things are going so smoothly with the kids there. I do love having my kids around and always am sad to see them leave. We have a wedding this coming weekend near Seattle and will bringing our oldest grand back to stay a week or so....she is being homeschooled---her little sis is going to the same private school their momma is teaching at. There were no openings for Nakiah.
    Can't wait to hang out with her.


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