Saturday, September 14, 2013

Catching up...

A whole week since I last posted.

This week I found a piece for sale at a local auction's website.  This auction house holds its sales on a work night, so I only go to the sale if there is something really intriguing among the sale items.  

I fell in love with the green apothecary above...every inch of its 10.5 foot length to its 7.5 foot height.  I just knew it would be my perfect, once-in-a-lifetime piece for my living room.  The perfect depth.  The perfect color.   Each of its drawers opened pretty smoothly, and it still had the labels of the spices they had held in the shop which had been its original home somewhere in Eastern Europe.  

I had set a firm maximum bid that I was prepared to make on it.  I never even got to bid.  I never jump in at the beginning of bidding...I wait till only serious bidders are left.  Well, they blew by my maximum bid in the first fifteen seconds or so of bidding and went right on up.  It finally went for $3,200.  

I went home totally bummed.  I had already selected in my head which pieces I own at home that would have to be sold to make room (or rather would have to be sold to appease my husband for buying something so huge).

There are a few things I've come across in the past that I still think about and wish I had bought when I had the chance.  I have a feeling this is going to join their ranks.

My friend Pam kept cracking me up at the auction, because there was a rug that she insisted I should buy for my living room.  I kept telling her that it was almost a twin of the rug I already have in my living room, but she kept insisting.  Exhibit: A (home) and B (auction).


The colors are thrown off by the different lighting, and the auction photo is very blurry, but the border, the neutral way did I need one so similar.  Thanks anyway, Pam.

Friday I got my hair cut.  Took off a little more of the length that has been kind of hard to work with...and with the crimp the CPAP was causing at night it was even harder to deal with.  This feels better.  And boy did I luck out with having my appointment this week, because my stylist is having knee surgery next week and may be out for six weeks or so.  Maybe he'll be back just in time for my next appointment.  :)

And in other news...the kids looked at a possible rent house this afternoon, and it came up short (on space) so they think they may stay with us during the building process after all.  YAY!



  1. Oh, it's a dreamy piece. I would have fallen instantly in love with it, too.

  2. I found my way here from Life with Lou....I think I might have sold whatever I had to in order to get that piece! It's so beautiful, so perfect. I love all things primitive. :) I too sleep with a CPAP and have found that the shorter my hair is the better. This week my beautician might have gotten it just a tad bit shorter than I planned. :) blessings, marlene

  3. just tell yourself that something even better is going to come your way and at a better price. I would want to keep that paleo cook at my house too.

  4. oh Kathy that was a truly beautiful piece at the auction. I am sorry you couldn't get it. I have been there before thinking it was going to be mine and had to wave good bye as it went to someone with a lot more spare change than me. Glad to hear your family will stay with you.


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