Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's tidying tally...

My very sweet husband--who hates to paint, but hates to be idle even more--took up my suggestion that it might be a good time to tackle the accent wall in the living room.  He started at the top, so the color you see nearest the ceiling is the new color.  Yes, we took it from a dark brown wall to a new, improved dark brown wall.  :)  Actually, it hadn't completely dried in this can see how it went on almost an olive green, which was kind of scary till it dried true to the color swatch I chose.

The color you see at the bottom left to bottom center is the color it was when we moved in.  It was a little too red for my liking...and a little too glossy.  I am not a fan of semi-gloss paint on walls...door and window frames, yes...walls, NO.  I'm really happy with the new paint, and look forward to accessorizing it.

Oh, and other than a very little taping in the prep stage, I had no part in the painting process.  Sometimes I feel guilty for all the work that Carey does around here, but honestly he does not seem to be able to sit still, so I try to make suggestions as gently /slash/ productively as I can.  :)

Well, if you look at my To-Do list here, you'll see that my progress on it was not bad.  I squeezed in a few things that weren't on the list.  I researched and ordered some material for yet another home project.  I had fun when the children came over.  And I will tackle the rest of it starting after work tomorrow.

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