Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot off the grill...

This week is a big barbecue week, what with The Fourth and all.  Not to mention that it is just TOO hot to heat up the house by cooking.  Carey has to work the holiday, so I thought I'd do our grilling today instead.

The recipe for ribs is one that I saw awhile back on Rural Writings by Niki.  I'd place a link, but Niki recently switched off the public access to her blog.  Thankfully she gave us some warning, and I took the opportunity to save some of her recipes that she had posted. 

So Niki, if you still visit here, know that we enjoyed your rib recipe very much!

The side dishes were all about ease of preparation.  I grilled the corn right in the shucks.  And the slaw is from a package of pre-shredded cabbage...I discarded the creamy dressing that came with it, and made a lighter homemade dressing and added Ramen noodles and sunflower and sesame seeds.  I cannot tell you what a fan I am of prepackaged salad mixes in the grocery these days.


  1. It all looks divine! I use salad and slaw mixes also--saves time and mess in the kitchen! I love oil and vinegar slaw dressings--hubby doesn't like slaw at all, so I enjoy it at picnics and gatherings! We won't be having fireworks here in central Arkansas--drought and wildfires popping up even in our county! My front lawn is "chrunchy"!
    Have a great week!

  2. That plate looks so good! Ribs are not something we do a lot of - can you share the recipe. Gus would love to barbecue them! I love coleslaw, I use a bagged variety too but I add spanish onion, cheese and a low fat mayo.
    I miss Niki's blog - I wish she had've kept it up for a while as I don't have any of her recipes.
    You are sweltering and we are chilled to the bone- crazy, eh?

  3. I'd love the recipe for the ribs too if your willing to share. We actually had a lot of rain last week so it'll take while to dry out and we have thunderstorms in the forecast.. however that being said it is much hotter here than it's suppose to be!

    Have a great holiday tomorrow while your home by yourself(?) I get so much more done when there is noone around to keep asking me where things are!


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