Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another birthday...

...and since it is Chloe's, that means cake pops!  That girl has loved cake pops since the first one I bought for her at Starbuck's.  And since Chloe is my little honey bee, I thought I'd make a special pop just for her.  It's not as professional as Bakerella's...I think mine looks a little like a Martian Elvis impersonator...but Chloe recognized that it was a bee right away, and knew that I had made it special for her. 

If you look real close, you can see it has a little stinger.  :)

Her excited smile was most rewarding, and the 'Thank you, Grandma,' was worth every bit of effort that went into the project.

I can't believe she's six!  Six years of keeping us all on our toes!  Six years of "A You're Adorable"ness.  And she just gets sweeter every year.

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