Thursday, June 7, 2012

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...


1.  Foremost in my thoughts today is my little Catie-bug, who is turning seven years old today!  Though we only lived an hour away before, this last year and a half of being just a few minutes away from the children has been SO much fun!

2. A warning light came on in my car late Tuesday afternoon. Wouldn't you know it would be the day before my work days start, and the day before Carey had to go out of town. Owner's manual indicated it wasn't dangerous to continue driving, so I am.

3.  Caitlyn and Chloe are having a swimming party on Sunday.  I'm doing the cupcakes.  (Found a cute idea on Pinterest...see my computer time is worthwhile after all.)  I have shopped for all the supplies.  Just waiting for the weekend to do the baking.

4. I have been seriously procrastinating on making some appointments, and they are stacking up! Annual check ups on eyes, ears, teeth, and mamms. Also a new check up on something that I fear will mean more blood letting. (I'm whining.)

5. I need to have a garage sale. As in I have a garage full of stuff that needs to be gone! Fool that I am waited till it was getting on to the hottest part of the year to start working on cleaning out. advises against garage sales. She says to just donate it all and be done with it. Not bad advice really. 

6. Pet peeve: people who write 'frig' when what they mean is 'fridge'. Seriously, people, look up 'frig'...please!


7.  The Photo A Day topic demanded that I share my favorite treat of all time...courtesy of Sonic Drive-Ins.  It's all about the ice!

June 7 - drink 


  1. Hi Kath, i can't locate the link for that dishcloth yet. I printed it off but it doesnt have the link on it. Bear with me and I will find it for you soon.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I've tried both the donation route and the garbage sale route.... problem with the donation route is the charities reject half the stuff and then you're stuck with it... (not to mention pissed off... If I can live with a less than perfect couch for 25 years why should someone at a thrift shop expect something in perfect condition!) whereas at garbage sales it seems to be the absolute junk that disapears!

    & I do know how to spell fridge... !


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