Friday, June 1, 2012

Kicking off June...

June 1 - morning (my usual breakfast)

Slept oh so wonderfully late this morning.  I always have trouble making myself go to bed at night.  Evening is when my internal clock strikes the alarm for creativity and motivation.  I can always think of one more thing I want to do before closing the book on the day.

Add to that it is katydid season with their incessant screeching all night long.  This year seems to be an explosion of the katydid population.  If you could just turn the volume down, it wouldn't be so annoying, but night times lately sound like we live in the depths of a rain forest.  One of the little buggers seemed to nest right outside our bedroom window, and screech his/her love call all night long.

Last night my sleep deprivation finally overcame my wakefulness, and I blissfully slept for hours and hours.

And the day stretches before me full of possibilities!

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  1. NOthing like a good night's sleep, is there? I do love my bed!


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