Sunday, June 3, 2012

Off the straight and narrow...

June 3 - on your plate

Totally went off course with healthy eating today!

Tomorrow is Kasey and Beau's anniversary.  The boys were otherwise occupied, so we took just Caitlyn and Chloe for the afternoon so their parents could have a quiet celebration on their own.

We took the girls out to lunch...a place with white tablecloths...we try to broaden horizons now and then.  We couldn't talk them out of ordering grilled cheese sandwiches.  Then Chloe looked around the room and asked why there were so many grandmas and grandpas in there.  Oh goodness, obviously a different demographic than she is used to.  They do bring us a lot of smiles.

Anyway, I had something completely yummy for lunch that violated all the rules (and which I forgot to photograph).  Then for a late dinner tonight, I heated up the girls' leftover grilled cheese and fries that we brought home!

I'm going to have to start all over again tomorrow.

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