Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polly's paintings...

One of the things that made last weekend's road trip so much fun was stopping on the way home to visit one of my favorite artists, Polly Jones, and pick up two paintings that she's been working on for me.

I can't remember how I first found Polly, maybe through her Etsy shop, but from the first time I saw her amazing paintings I've become a huge fan.  I have purchased several small paintings--marbles, jars with flowers, a tea cup with a pear--and I began to wish that I could have her paint one just for me of my favorite heirloom pitcher.

So after corresponding via email, and arranging a meeting to hand off the pitcher when she was in my area, she began sketching and painting and sharing the progress on her blog.  And when she finished the large painting that we originally had planned, I asked her if she would do another smaller one too.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I absolutely love the results!  The photo of us above shows us holding the two finished paintings in her studio.

I'm a lucky person indeed to enjoy her work around my home.  She's a lovely blog friend, and I am blessed to know her now in real life too.

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  1. I love this style of art! I especially love the painting of the pitcher with the Kellogs Corn Flakes box in the background! You would love my friend, Lila's paintings at I don't think she has anything in her shop currently, but hopefully she will have some soon. She works in watercolors. My daughter paints in acrylics, but alas she has no time to paint often as she is becoming Mother Hubbard with more children in her shoe! lol


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