Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday's fun and fashion...

Mom and Dad got a rare night out alone on Friday and went to a concert.  The boys were away for the weekend, so the girls came to Grandma's.

We have THE best driveway for riding toys...a big, smooth concrete surface with a circle makes for a good race track.  These toys are marketed as Plasmacars, but the girls call them their airplanes. 

I love this picture of can tell how much she enjoys hers.  Though the feet are supposed to rest on the front of the car, with all forward motion initiated and maintained just by swiveling the handles, Chloe can never resist using her feet to get the racing edge.

Caitlyn usually enjoys the ride just as it is intended.

And the Plasmacars have a pretty high weight limit (even big kids can ride) so doubling up is okay too.

As dark came on, and we were putting the 'airplanes' back in the garage, the girls noticed a big plastic bin of dress up clothes that had recently been passed on to me but had yet to be carried into the house.  So of course nothing would do but we take them in right away and have a fashion show.

Chloe carries off hats well, I think.

Caitlyn tripped the light fantastic...thank goodness she never tripped over that hem.

And dressing up is just as fun in the morning...along with cinnamon toast and letter writing to great-grandmother.  All in all a pretty typical weekend...and thankful I am indeed.


  1. Where's the picture of you on the 'airplane'? They looked like fun. What cute grandkids!!

  2. What lovely pictures. That dressing up box takes me back - I remember having one very similar when I was a girl! Full of my mum's 60s and early 70s cast-offs! I wonder what happened to them - they'd probably fetch a fortune as 'vintage' these days!!


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