Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seven thoughts on the seventh...

I'm pretty frugal in general, but the purse strings have gotten a little too relaxed.  I think this has occurred over the months since we have moved.  On the days I work, I blame the commute for not wanting to grocery shop, cook, etc.  And being so much closer to amenities makes it seem not as important to consolidate trips as it used to be.

Also, I topped off my gas tank the other day, and it cost $25.  I always zero my trip odometer when I fill up, and when I looked at it, it was sitting at almost exactly what a round trip to work is for me.  It had not registered until then that I am spending $25 for every day that I drive in to work...kind of cuts into my take-home.

So I need to tighten the belt...cut more responsible.  So I thought I'd use the 7th to lay out seven steps I can will implement immediately.

1.  Take my lunch to work.  (I really hate taking my lunch, but it's an immediate step that can save big.)

2.  Menu planning and grocery shopping...NO EXCUSES!  Which will lead to...

3. Eating out less in the evenings.

4.  No running to the craft store for just one thing and coming home with two sacks full...use only craft supplies on hand!

5.  Cancel an unused membership.

6.  Use up toiletries before buying more.

7.  Conserve gasoline!


  1. # 4 is my new years resolution every year... Sometimes I even make it last until Feb.... But I'm buying on line as we don't have a local craft store!

    And I always hated making lunches when I worked downtown!

  2. And... because I'm buying online I have to buy more to justify the shipping!


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