Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family history...

Don't these two guys look jovial?

Bobby's Social Studies project was due today.  It was fun working on it with him this weekend...going through pictures and information...even finding some new documents online.  He wrote about two from his dad's side of the family, and one from his mom's side...who lived at the same time and both immigrated to the United States. 

His other grandmother, Abuela (pronounced us anyway), provided an amazing book that had been organized and copied and bound by a very dedicated member of her family.  I was so impressed.  I need to get all my scraps of paper in one place!  We printed a copy of the final report for Abuela, because I knew she'd like to see it...she's a fact, she was Jared's teacher way back before we even knew we'd be related someday.  We laugh about all the 'projects' Jared had that year he was in her class.  She once assigned a 3D build of either a log cabin or a tipi (teepee?  sp?), and since Jared inherited his mother's procrastination gene (in fact it mutated before it got to him!) we were scrambling the night before it was due.  We ended up building a log cabin out of doggy beef sticks.  Abuela thought it was wonderful.  :)

I love helping the kiddles with projects.  Special one on one time.


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