Friday, September 30, 2011

Necessary evils...

Not so evil after all.

Yesterday I went to the lab that I usually go to for blood tests and such.  It was in the waiting room was standing room only and the overflow was lined up outside.  I have never seen it that busy.  Since I was in a lot of pain (there was no way I would be able to stand for long to wait) and I had to be fasting for the test also, I asked the receptionist what time they opened in the morning.  Her response was just plain bitchy in words and attitude.  (I concede that she was having a busy day dealing with impatient people, but still.)

So this morning I got online and looked for other locations of the same med lab company (one my insurance takes).  I found one nearer to an easily accessed and new building (the one I USED to go to was kind of run down and not too clean looking), and the staff was awesome.  The tech didn't balk at all when I told him we would both be happier if he would just start out with a butterfly in the back of my hand.  (I know that sounds terrible to a lot of people, but for me it is the ONLY way to achieve results.) 

Since I already had my phone out playing Words With Friends (hi Caroline!) while I waited, I asked if I could take a photo.  He said they really weren't supposed to allow it...but then he asked if I would just be getting my hand in the frame.  When I said yes, he told me to go ahead.  Then he asked me what my plans were for the photo.  I told him I blogged.  He grinned, and said his wife was a blogger too.

I know this is a weird thing to post about.  Normally I can't even look at the process, but looking at it through the camera wasn't bad at all...kind of detached myself from the actual deed, I guess.  They took five big ol' vials full, and then we were done.  No long wait.  No germs in an overpacked waiting room.  No bad attitudes.  I will definitely be going back to this place when needed.


  1. :)

    I read something a couple of years ago that said something like
    'You know you're a blogger, when..."

    and the only two I remember are
    "Someone in your family (or close to you) says 'You didn't tell me that!", and you say, "Well, (psh!) I blogged about it..." :)

    "When you've actually said Out Loud, 'lol'." :)

    Surely, an awkward "Can I take a picture?" is up there with them!

    Love you. Hope you feel quite the thing very, very soon.

  2. Thanks, Steph. Blood test was just an annual thing. And the shoulder and lower back pain is better today.


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