Monday, August 15, 2011


Got up at 9:00...stripped the bed linens to wash...oh, you know I've been meaning to make a new pillowcase for that little odd shaped pillow for years, I can do that out the leftover fabric from the kitchen curtain...came across some sewing accessories in the search, so I organized them in a drawer...oops, can't cut out the pillowcase till I wipe down the countertop...oh, don't forget to plug the iron in to press the seams...waiting for the iron to warm up, I noticed some ribbon that I've been meaning to put away forever as well as some trash...oh, trash, I got two wastebaskets yesterday, I need to get those out and put them away...oh, the watch I bought yesterday was in the sack too, better get it out of it's hermetically sealed box and ready to wear to work in the morning...finally back to the sewing machine and made the straight seams and hems, done!...put it in the washer with the sheets and started that load...oh, look, there's some clothes still in the dryer, better fold those and put them away...

It's just another ADD Monday.


  1. I call it "moppin' the moose".
    'Can't do that 'til I do this...' and on and on it goes. oof. :)

  2. Oh, I have those days ... and you don't stop all day but when you get the end of the day, you think 'what have I actually DONE today?!'


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