Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  Last year it seemed that my reading had fallen by the wayside as other obligations and pastimes took precedence.  This year I have been intentionally reading more...and it seems that my chores and crafting have fallen by the wayside.  I don't seem to have time for it 'all.'

2.  Unfortunately, exercise has also decreased as my reading has increased.  Need to work on that one too.

3.  I think I am a pretty frugal person.  But since the move...what with the commuting to work and more time spent with my nose in a book...I have been falling prey to easy meals, either purchased out or easy to prepare.  That has sent a lot of money down the drain.  I mean to mount a new savings campaign...on the food front AND on other discretionary spending fronts.

4.  We went over to the kids' for dinner tonight.  Beau made stuffed pork chops.  They were fabulous.  I tried a new recipe to take for dessert...Cream Puff Cake.  It turned out quite well.  It wasn't too sweet...creamy but not too heavy...and pretty easy.  I think we will be having it again.

5.  Autumn decorations are already out in the stores.  I've even seen Christmas decorations!  Which reminds me that we will be needing to purchase a new tree for this year...our old one had served us well for nigh on twenty years and was donated away after the holidays.  I'll have to start watching for our next one.

6.  I really need to clean my laptop screen.

7.  Think rain!


  1. Ha ha, I guess you could save money on meals by eating at Beau's more often. Just kidding!

  2. Too funny, Joolz. The same thought crossed my mind when I was typing it! :)


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