Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks a lot, Hank Williams...

Hank Williams photo from Amazon

All it took was a co-worker mentioning a song she heard on the way to work.

I didn't even hear the darn thing.

But it is stuck...going round and round.

There's a tear in my beer
'cause I'm cryin' for you dear.
You are on my lonesome mind.

And those are pretty much the only words I know. Great. Carey couldn't think of other lyrics either, so I did a web search...twice. But the rest of it won't stay in my head. Just those three lines.

It has been DAYS!

So now my husband...who is a MOST patient fed up. "Stop it," he says. "I can't," say I! But to humor him, and entertain myself, I have started making up lyrics.

Through the years, and the tears
I have always loved your ears.
You are such a cutie-pie.

And he's not only patient. He is a good audience. So he laughs. And laughs.

Every time that I rhyme,
I feel like a freakin' mime.
Why can't I just let it go-o?

(I know what a mime is. I didn't say I was making sense here.)

That's just a small sampling.

Even a patient man can reach a limit. And when he felt a new verse bubbling its way to the surface, he smacked his hand down on the coffee table in an effort to startle my mind away from this demon song. Unfortunately, it just made me laugh...really hard.

When you're angry at me
in my pants I just might pee.
Lord, I hate this stupid song.

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