Sunday, September 20, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I love living in the country. But that doesn't mean I love every little thing that comes with it.

Like these.

I was thinking earlier today that I hadn't seen one of these in the house in quite awhile, and that maybe they were gone for the season. Then tonight I saw one crawling across the living room floor. It was making rapid progress toward a skirted chair, so I ran for the kitchen and grabbed the first glass container I could reach. (A dusty vase, which partially explains why the picture quality is so poor.) I then made a mad dash back to cover the creepy crawler with the upturned vase.

See, as much as I hate these horrid little beasts, I can't crush them. Oh, not because I can't stand the thought of killing them...I pretend no soft-heartedness here. But because when crushed, these suckers leave a stain...even on my brown carpet. So I capture them, and then transfer them to a jar that I keep in the freezer...when transferred to the cold jar, they go night-night instantaneously.

I had no sooner popped this one in the freezer, and returned to the living room, then I saw another one strolling across the room. Arggghh! Ah well. I grabbed the vase again.

We are due a cool front this week. This is what the seasons changing mean to me: in Texas, winter means no creepy crawlers.

I do so love winter!


  1. Hi Kathy

    One word - Eeeeeuuuugh!


  2. My husband and son will be so jealous. :)

  3. I found a dead scorpion in my house this weekend! In fact, almost every year I find one--they are always dead--Thank Goodness!!! And it is always in September--What's that about? V.

  4. I forgot to tell you, one of the ones I found on the fireplace the other day. It looked odd. Didn't realize it was a scorpion at first. After I squished it I figured out it was because it was pregnant and had a whole bunch of eggs. It was DISGUSTING!!!!! Can you imagine if I hadn't seen it and they had hatched?

  5. Oooh, I don't like the look of those. Glad we don't get them over here in the UK! It's spider season here at the moment and I had a HUGE one in my bedroom the other evening.

  6. wow, I have never seen one of these! We don't have them in England!


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