Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Meme

photo is mine.
I keep seeing hearts in the coolest places...

I saw this meme over at What's Happening At My House and it amused me, so I thought I'd put it here. (By the way, I especially love said blog for the book talk...I always find something I want to pick up and read.)

1. How come I can never find: my Exacto knife when I'm in the middle of a craft project

2. I wish I’d never started: procrastinating

3. I wonder why: the book is always so much better than the movie.

4. Mother always told me: Do something to show for your time.

5. There’s this one thing in my closet that I just can’t seem to get rid of: a stack of really old threadbare, but comfortable, t-shirts that are only fit to wash the car or color my hair in.

6. My favourite guilty pleasure is: Gee, didn't I just post a whole list of these recently?

7. I always forget: to take something out of the freezer for dinner

8. I have never: learned to juggle

9. I’m obsessed with: trivia

10. One of my favourite memories is: being in the delivery room with Kasey when she had the boys...Jared spouting zingers in that deadpan way of his even as a little guy...the first time I told Beau he was the 'good child'...Carey giving me the major-award leg lamp for Christmas one year...winning a trip to Ireland in a box of chocolates...just sitting in the same room with my best friend...rocking my grandchildren...I am blessed with MANY favorite memories, no way could I pick just one.

Feel free to play along if you fancy it.


  1. Thanks for the linky, Kath - interesting to read yours. I can particularly relate to numbers two and three!

  2. LOL we are far too alike!!


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