Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 7 of 10 toward health...

Well, I did focus on health today...not really today's health, but tomorrow's.

All week I have pretty much rolled my eyes over the whole swine flu situation. The county that I live in was the first with confirmed cases in the state of Texas. Every day we hear of more school closings and warnings. The local hospital has set up a triage area just for potential flu cases away from the main hospital.

And still I scoffed.

Today my attitude started to slide over to the better-safe-than-sorry side of the scale. I went looking for some nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies that I had heard were recommended. Stores were sold out, so I called my daughter to see if she could order them online. She was able to, and so got enough for their household and ours.

Then I went on over to the nearest wholesale club and shopped for staples. Visions of Y2K kept running through my mind as I lifted big packages of canned tuna and chicken, industrial-sized package of dried beans, canned vegetables, dried fruit, and twenty pounds of flour into my basket...I've been wanting to start using the bread machine again anyway. Then had to load it all in the car, then carry it all in the house (a workout in itself). If the situation turns out to be overblown, this is all stuff we will use anyway. If things get really bad, we'll be glad we don't have to be out in public.

I'm hoping that we will look back on this as we do on Y2K as 'that time Mom fell for the hype and went a little nuts.'

Anyway, in the course of the day, I let my emotions talk me into comforting myself with a Sonic Coke and deep-fried cheddar-stuffed jalapenos. I did nix the inclination to buy bulk packages of cookies and brownie mixes, though. :)

Breakfast: skipped

Lunch: cheddar peppers and a Coke

Dinner: Salad with grilled chicken breast. (Now that I've made the preparations that I can for the future, I can get back to the issue at hand.)

Activity: walking

To-do list task: I've been wanting to rearrange a poorly organized kitchen cabinet for ages. So today I set to it, relocated the adjustable shelf, and added in a space saver. Now it all looks and works better. I even was able to fit in a stack of plates that I had stored way across the kitchen before.


  1. I think we like the same kind of food! Cheddar peppers and a coke for lunch--YUM!!! V.

  2. You know, they always burn the roof of my mouth right behind my front teeth when I bite into the hot melted cheese...and still, I can't help myself. Of course, that's when that ice cold Coke comes in handy for a quick cool down. :)


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