Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 6 of 10 toward health...

You think this is breakfast, don't you? I don't like breakfast, remember? Well, I don't like breakfast for breakfast. But I like it for dinner. :) See my shadow in the bottom left of the photo? If I stare at the top right of the photo, the shadow seems to move around...creeeeepppppeeeeee. Probably because I'm really tired...same reason I got a shadow in the picture to begin with, and why I just tried to make my 'creepy' word italics by adding html tags...wrong screen for that. LOL

Breakfast was a SlimFast.
Had an appointment that ran long, so by lunch I was so hungry I just wanted a big ol' burger and shake.
That kept me full for a loooonnnggg time, so had a late dinner of scrambled eggs and an orange.
Activity: walking...not much, though.
To-do list task: grocery shopping
I'll do better tomorrow. Maybe eat some vegetables. :)

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